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Community Council

The Sterling Community Council is an advisory board for the school comprised of four parents, one teacher, and the principal. This group approves the school’s yearly School Improvement Plan, the Professional Development Plan, and the Walking/Safe Routing Plan. They are also responsible for the writing of the annual Trustlands Plan. This plan looks at the school's greatest needs and then designs a plan using the funds allocated from the state to meet those needs best. The plan for this school year was written in the spring of last year. If you would like further information about the Trustlands program you can go to

Community Council Responsibilities

School Community Council Candidate Form

Our council functions using simplified Parliamentary Procedure.  

For the 2023-2024 School Year, meetings will be held in the Community Room at Sterling Elementary. All meetings will occur from 5:00 - 6:00 pm on:

November 15

January 17

March 13

May 15

2023-2024 Sterling Elementary Community Council Members are as follows:

Michelle Bolin - Chair:, (435)-840-4670

Rachelle Giles - Vice Chair:, (435)-850-8894

Brittani Koepeki - Community Member:

Carrie Pinkelman - School Faculty:, 

Or feel free to email administration at, or call (435) 882-9001.