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A look back at the 2019 Classified Employee of the Year

For the last 25 years, Johnson has worked as a finance secretary at Grantsville Junior High School. During her time there, she has worked with six different principals and for 22 of those years, she has worked alongside fellow secretary, Annette Johnson.


“Sheri is the best! I absolutely love working with her. She makes Grantsville Junior High a great place to be each day,” said Annette. “The teachers, staff, students and community love her.”


Annette said Johnson is often the first to offer help to those in need and she is wonderful at showing compassion and kindness.


“Sheri could write the book when it comes to customer service and her ability to make everyone feel welcome,” said Charles Mohler, Blue Peak vice principal and former GJHS principal.


Mohler describes Johnson as warm, positive, courteous and friendly. He said she has a phenomenal ability to remember student’s names and the names of their families.


Johnson’s expertise in giving great first impressions of the school is just one of the reasons Mohler nominated her to be the 2019 Classified Employee of the Year. In his nomination letter, Mohler praised Johnson’s innovation, problem solving and technology skills as well as the effort she makes to show love to all students.


“She gives 110 percent of herself to the job every day. She makes our lives a little bit of heaven,” said Mohler.


Johnson said it was a total surprise when she found out she had been selected as the Classified Employee of the Year at the 2019-2020 District kickoff event.


“I had no idea, but I was honored,” said Johnson.


When she walked up to the stage to accept the award, she couldn’t help but think Annette should be on the stage with her.


“I couldn’t do my job without her. We work so well together, and I wanted to share this with her.”


Prior to working at GJHS, Johnson worked as a cosmetologist for 16 years and for a short time with Electro Controls in their shipping and receiving department. But ever since she was a small child, she had a desire to work in a school. She even started taking classes to become a teacher but when the secretary job opened at GJHS she decided to apply for the position.


Johnson enjoyed working in the front office and found the position worked well with her four children and husband’s busy schedules.


She said the best part of her job is the people she gets to collaborate with.


“I love the kids, the Grantsville community and coworkers I get to associate with,” said the Classified Employee of the Year.


As far as advice goes for the junior high students she interacts with, she said they should try to always be kind and avoid drama. She also encourages parents to avoid being overprotective, and teach their children to be respectful and responsible for their own actions.


Sheri said she tries to focus her life around a quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln, “Folks are usually about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”


“It is not what is outside of you that makes you happy but what is inside of you,” said Johnson. “I believe that and I’m happy because I decide I’m going to be.”


In addition to her roles as secretary, wife, and mother, Johnson is happy to have added the role of grandmother to seven grandkids.